Paul R. Palmer

Verenigde Staten
° 1 oktober 1946
† 18 mei 2012

Adagissimo, BWV 992.2 (orig. Johann Sebastian Bach, co-arr. Alfons Lievens)
Adiós Muchachos (orig. Julio Sanders)
A Gray Day in Four Corners
Apache (The Shadows, orig. Jerry Lordan)
Are You Lonesome Tonight (orig. Lou Handman)
Autumn Song
Beacon House Rag
Blackbird (hit The Beatles, orig. Paul McCartney)
Blue Prelude
Bourée Nidée
Carrickfergus (orig. N.N. Ierland)
Der Gärtner (orig. Johannes Brahms, op.17 nr.3)
Duet for One
El Choclo (orig. Ángel Villoldo)
Fiesta in Four Corners
Four Corners Waltz
Ground Down
Ground Down Round
Ground Up
Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles, orig. George Harrison)
Hymn to Diatonia
Le Cygne (orig. Camille Saint-Saëns)
No Other Name (orig. Paul Stookey)
Octember Wind
Prelude (orig. Reinhold Glière, opus 43 nr.1)
Prelude for the Left Hand (orig. Alexander Scriabin)
Ronde del Mondo
Solveigs sang (orig. Edvard Grieg)
Something (orig. George Harrison; hit The Beatles)
South Side Rag
Spanish Mood
Suicide is Painless (orig. Johnny Mandel)
Suspenseful Sarabande
Take Me in Your Arms (orig. Fred Markush)
Tango di Tengu
The Air that I Breathe (The Holies, orig. Albert Hammond)
Tristesse (orig. Frédéric Chopin, opus 10 nr.3)
Unchained Melody (The Righteous Brothers, orig. Alex North)
When I am Laid in Earth (orig. Henry Purcell)